Are web development frameworks still immature ?

February 20 2011, 9:59 AM  by Frosty Z

Just another rant that nobody will read, but at least I will feel better after writing it…

One year has passed since my last post. The so-called Symfony 2 should be released next month, and nothing has changed. Its core team seems, as always, deaf to simplicity and backward compatibility aspects.

Following an interesting comment, I’ve decided to check again Ruby on Rails. Very nice piece of work too, but like Symfony, a very dumb policy for migration between versions. If you want to upgrade a project fromRails 2.3 to the new shining Rails 3, you can choose between spending at least one hour and $9 for an online video, or spending $6 for “Almost 120 pages of upgrade information” (!!??), and obviously, an incredible amount of time for boring and useless rewriting.
At least, unlike Symfony, some people keep migration in mind (if you accept to spend time and money for it), anyway if I were a long-time RoR user, I would feel laughed at.

CakePHP seems to be struck by the same disease. Look what boring stuff you will have to face to migrate from 1.2 to 1.3 minor versions.

That disease has a name : Planned Obsolescence. But I’m not sure that web developers (and their employers) will still blindly follow a such immature and profit-oriented project policy, applied to Open Source web frameworks.

Edit :
– Kohana : painful migrations too… example1(!!) example2
– CodeIgniter : more interesting although not perfect… see this and that.


2 thoughts on “Are web development frameworks still immature ?

  1. Oh, there are so many reasons not to use 3rd party frameworks. Google and Facebook didn’t either and look at them now. There’s only one reason to use a framework. Your manager told you because marketing told them… or you’re fired. LOL!

    • I agree. Furthermore not using a 3rd party framework doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel, since a lot of 3rd party components are available out there, or code snippets to reuse/integrate easily in any project. That said, lately I found Laravel/Lumen to be quite close to what any web developer should expect from a 3rd party framework (helping saving more time than it consumes). As well they keep migrations between versions in mind since Laravel 4, in a quite satisfying way :
      I hope that it will help other frameworks to mature as well !
      I’m hearing a rumble… Oh this is Symfony 3 coming lol 🙂 (however I have to say that some Symfony components, and the Composer system are well made and useful. Laravel uses them BTW)

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